Crown Irrigation Investments Limited (Crown Irrigation) provides funding to, and invests in, irrigation schemes that have the potential to generate long-term economic benefits from irrigation for New Zealand. We provide grant funding to support scheme development and make targeted investments into schemes alongside other partners for scheme construction.

By assisting schemes to reach construction Crown Irrigation helps harness the opportunity that irrigation provides to improve productivity in the primary sector, create jobs, increase export earnings and, ultimately, accelerate New Zealand’s economic development.
For more information on applying for support from Crown Irrigation, please contact us

Government support for irrigation in New Zealand

Crown Irrigation provides support to the larger and more complex regional-scale irrigation schemes in New Zealand.
Support is also available to assist smaller community-scale schemes. The Ministry for Primary Industries’ (MPI’s) Irrigation Acceleration Fund (IAF) offers grant funding to support community schemes through the development process, and funding for strategic water management studies.
For more information on the IAF please see MPI's IAF website:

How to access Crown support for an irrigation scheme

The type of support available, and whether to engage with Crown Irrigation or the IAF depends on whether a scheme is a regional or community-scale scheme.

If you have received grant funding from the IAF or Crown Irrigation before you should have been informed as to whether you are a regional-scale scheme, or a community-scale scheme / strategic water management study.

If you are interested in applying for grant funding and have not received irrigation grant funding before, you should first submit an application for funding via MPI’s IAF website From there MPI and Crown Irrigation will work with you to understand the nature of your scheme.

If you are interested in applying for construction investment funding then you should get in contact with Crown Irrigation directly.

Crown Irrigation has three core functions:


Co-investing in irrigation schemes


Providing grants to irrigation schemes in development


Applying commercial expertise and leadership to irrigation schemes