Crown Irrigation provides funding for the Waimea Dam Project

10 February 2017 | Author: Murray Gribben

Crown Irrigation Investments Limited (Crown Irrigation) has agreed development funding of $805,000 alongside the Tasman District Council and Waimea Irrigators Limited (WIL) for the Waimea Dam Project.

The Waimea Community Dam Project comprises building a dam in the Lee Valley which will capture Lee River flows, store the water in a reservoir, and then allow controlled release of stored water into the river system during periods of high water demand and/or low natural river flows. The project will supply some urban water for the Tasman District Council and Nelson City Council, and reliable irrigation water for approximately 5,000ha.

The investment will enable WIL to complete the project commitment phase for the dam and take it through to construction commencement. WIL have already carried out preliminary analysis of the scheme’s feasibility.

Murray Gribben, CEO of Crown Irrigation Investments said: “Crown Irrigation recognises that the project will be integral to the continued growth of the Nelson/Tasman Region.  On completion the project will address the pressure that already exists on the region’s freshwater resources and allow for expansion of current horticultural irrigated areas.

“There will be flow-on effects beyond the horticulture sector for the Nelson/Tasman regional economy as well as reduced pressure on the town water supplies. The economic cost of ‘no dam’ has been calculated to be in excess of $700 million for the region over the next 25 years.”

“The scheme also provides significant environmental benefits including improved summer flows in the river to meet the new minimum flow regime, plus enabling the recharging of the aquifers” Murray Gribben said.

Crown Irrigation Investments provides both development funding and construction capital to irrigation schemes across New Zealand.

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