Crown Irrigation Overview

Important Notice

The information set out on this page is summary guidance only regarding the mandate of Crown Irrigation Investments Limited (Crown Irrigation). It may be amended, updated or supplemented from time to time. Sponsors of prospective irrigation schemes and other interested parties are encouraged to contact Crown Irrigation directly.


Crown Irrigation has a mandate and funding to support regional scheme development by providing development grant funding, and co-investing to enable schemes to undertake construction.

The timeline diagram below illustrates the phases of development for a typical irrigation scheme. Stop/go points at each phase mean that successive phases of development funding are contingent upon increasingly robust demonstrations of a project’s commercial viability.

Crown Irrigation regional schemes through several key phases of the development and construction timeline: phases two through seven (scoping study through to operations demand ramp-up).

Crown irrigation provides support through:

  • Grant funding during phases two to five for development work prior to project construction commencement.

  • Investment funding with some concessionary terms during phases six to seven for construction and operations demand ramp-up.

  • Commercial leadership and guidance during all phases.

Crown Irrigation assists regional scale irrigation schemes under development to maximise their chances of securing construction financing, whether or not Crown Irrigation construction funding is required. Funders need to be confident an irrigation scheme project will be viable, well managed and have an acceptable risk/reward balance. Crown Irrigation understands what investors are looking for and can help schemes generate investor confidence.

As a scheme progresses through the timeline phases above, Crown Irrigation tailors its commercial engagement and support to the scheme’s changing needs. Commercial guidance includes demand uptake assessment, revenue models and capital structures in earlier phases, then moves to project financing and investor due diligence requirements in phase five.

In phases six and seven, Crown Irrigation applies best practice investment management, monitoring the status of its investment and scheme progress.

Crown Irrigation has three core functions:


Co-investing in irrigation schemes


Providing grants to irrigation schemes in development


Applying commercial expertise and leadership to irrigation schemes